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Weight Loss
Quick Weight Loss
Quick Weight Loss
What is Real Slim?
Real slim is a nutritional supplement which is specially designed for obese women in order to reduce the fat mass as well as to provide good amount of nutrients like vitamins, minerals and amino acids which is needed to prevent or cure the nutritional deficiencies.
How Real slim works (in general)?
Real Slim contains most powerful ingredients for weight loss. It is directly related with metabolism; it converts fatty tissues into usable energy. Real Slim's ingredients suppresses appetite and makes us feel full (Satiety) because it is a low-glycemic index food that minimizes insulin fluctuations. It increases the thermo genesis; during this process the stored fat is utilized as energy. It helps to prevent your blood glucose levels from soaring, thus reducing large insulin secretions that stores glucose as fat in your body. Reduced insulin fluctuations results in fewer "sugar cravings", thus you will feel satisfied until the next meal. Binge eating due to "sugar cravings" often defeats the heroic efforts undertaken by millions in their diets. These ingredients also help to remove fat from the liver and other organs in the body by improving the metabolic rate. Moreover it contains fat oxidizing nutrients which helps to increase the stored fat oxidization and also decreases fat deposition. Thus Real Slim gives an incredible result in weight loss for women.
How Real slim works (as meal replacement)?
Real Slim provides one third of energy requirement, three fourth of protein requirement, 20% of carbohydrate and less fat. It gives sufficient nutrients that we need per meal so that we can avoid overeating. It helps to maintain the calorie count resulting in weight loss.
Is there any side affects because of Real Slim?
Real slim doesn't cause any side effect if it is consumed as per the mentioned quantity
Is there any limit for the consumption of Real Slim (like, only 3-4 months)?
Real Slim can be taken continuously for 3 months; then a break for 10 days is required. After that it can be continued the same way.
What is the age limit for using Real Slim?
Women between 18 years and 60 years can use Real Slim.
Can all women consume Real Slim?
All women can consume except pregnant and lactating women. Diabetic people should check their blood sugar level before taking it. Women with Hypothyroid can also take with the suggestion from health care professional.
Can male also consume Real Slim?
Real Slim is designed in such a way that it meets the nutritional requirements of a women. So it is meant for women only.
Can we take any other supplement along with Real Slim?
Yes we can take any other supplement. But choosing the right supplement is important. It must not be a soy product, because Real Slim already contains Soy Isolate; consuming large quantity of anything will cause issues.
What is the minimum and maximum guarantee of weight loss (how many kgs)?
Minimum 2 kgs weight loss can be observed. If it is taken along with low carbohydrate, low fat diet with regular exercise one can reduce up to 5 kgs.
How long one can consume Real Slim?
Real Slim can be consumed over a time period of life with a break of 10 days in every 3 months.
After reducing weight can we stop using Real Slim?
It is not necessary to stop; after weight reduction it can be consumed as a health drink but not as a meal replacement. So that weight maintenance will be easy because it contains good amount of protein, fibre and fat oxidizing nutrients that helps to prevent the fat deposition.
If we stop using Real Slim after weight reduction will there be weight gain again?
We won't gain weight until we follow the diet which is low carbohydrate, low fat and high fibre.
Can I use Real Slim as a meal replacement for lunch and breakfast and dinner?
Real Slim can be taken for either lunch or breakfast or dinner with the combination of low carbohydrate, low fat, high fiber,high protein diet.
Can diabetic women take Real Slim?
Yes diabetic women can consume Real Slim. Before taking it they should check their blood glucose level and take it as per the advice of the Doctor.
After taking Real Slim, how long it controls hunger? How?
Real Slim controls hunger up to 3-4 hours. Protein exhibits more satiating effect than carbohydrate. Soy protein produces larger calorie expenditure than carbohydrate and it takes time to get absorbed so that we feel satiety. Also it has good amount of fiber that makes feel fuller for longer period.
What is the physical activity needed along with Real Slim?
Brisk walking or skipping or jogging for at least 30 mins should be fine.
Will Real Slim work for people with sedentary life style?
Yes it will work for sedentary life style people also.
Is Real Slim recommended by Dietitians / Nutritionists?
Yes Real Slim is recommended by the Nutrition Professionals because of its beneficial properties.
Can we take non-veg food along with Real Slim?
Yes we can take but the quantity is more important. We should not take more than 50 grams of meat and it should not be in a deep fried form. 4 to 5 pieces of fish also can be taken.
Can we use Real Slim for maintaining the weight also?
Yes we can use for maintaining the weight but not in the way of meal replacement; it can be incorporated as mid morning or evening drink.
How Real Slim can be considered as a meal replacement?
Real Slim contains adequate amount of nutrients. It provides one third of the nutritional requirement that you need per day at per meal.
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